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HOW IT STARTED,In January 1998, I (David Heim) founded The Wheelchair Recycler Inc. http://www.wheelchairrecycling.com/  in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Mobility-impaired since 1995, I am emotionally aware of the intense bond between chair and user. Since its inception, The Wheelchair Recycler has helped thousands.  Providing repairs throughout the United States and other countries. Whereas the alternative reliance on insurance companies could force us to wait for months or even up to a year or more for assistance. Many still end up with a huge co-pay or have to take what insurance will give you. Usually a sub-standard piece of crap.  The Wheelchair Recycler now stockpiles  power chairs and parts for a variety of wheelchairs, ready to assist those who in need of mobility.   My life mission is to provide as much help expertise to help as many as I is able.

 THE 4X4 WHEELCHAIR, Since 98 my goal was to get back the freedom of the outdoors. Not even being close to afford the "off road chairs" on the market I had to build my own. By using standard power chairs. I always was able to go to most places  I wanted,,, most but not all. Always the inventor I never stopped thinking of a better way. 
In 2010 is when I designed the first 4x4 chain drive wheelchair. Still following original intent by using pre-owned standard power wheelchair motors and electronics. We now build the most affordable and most powerful 4x4 wheelchair available today.

Dave Heim
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